Wednesday, December 5, 2012

This site is a dictionary with a twist, perfect for language learners.
It is a fast dictionary that helps you learn words you didn´t know before.

It is a fast and comprehensive dictionary, with explanations in everyday English instead of dictionary /textbook talk.

Also, it´s  a great word learning tool. The system somehow figures out your language level quickly, using fun multiple choice 'pop quizzes' that automatically appear once you arrive on the homepage.

Then it shows you words appropriate to your level thereafter, an easy way to expand your vocabulary.

The 'Vocabulary Lists' Section is very useful for teachers.

Teachers can set up a vocabulary list ahead of time and then use the ''spelling bee'' feature ( as homework or as a game in class if you have a steady internet connection) for a quick, interactive game.

I like how quick and easy it is to choose a definition appropriate for your class.

You can copy and paste list list of words (or words and definitions) into an email to send around to your class.

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