Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ready Made Lessons for Advanced ESL Students

What I like most about this website is how comprehensive each lesson idea is, and how easy it is to print and go. All the prepared activities are useful.

It may not look fancy at first glance, but the activities and content on this site are top-notch, including a wide range of skill building exercises related to the initial article posted at the beginning of each  lesson.

To use this resource:
1. search for an article that is on the topic you want and click on its title

2.  scroll down the page a bit to see the lesson. It isn´t exactly obvious where the lesson begins. It begins where you see the article headline (inside a dark blue banner)

3. Scroll down the page to see the myriad of activity options based on that initial article.

4. Copy and paste the activities you like into a new document and print and go.

If you are lucky to find an article on the topic you want to teach or review, you´re set.

I think this resource works best for use as private tutoring materials or in very small classes of 2.

For larger classes, you could easily adapt the exercises, choosing the ' article' of your choice and then only using selected vocabulary building activities and writing activities to round out the lesson.

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