Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Quizlet Online Flashcard Generator


Quizlet is a free online flascard pr ogram that lets you make and share sets of flashcards. This is a super language learning tool. This is one of the few online flashcard programs that I have come across that lets you print out flashcard sets for free, (creating a re-usable pdf file along the way).

 Or, you can embed flashcards in a website, like the example below.

I love that you can add photos and images to one side of the flashcard if you wish ( using free images in the Creative Commons associated with Flikr), or stick to text for both sides.

Here is how the embedded the flashcards (´learning' option)  look on a website:

You can share your flashcards, or other people´s sets, using Facebook, Twitter and other social media resources, or embed sets into your own website very easily (just copy and paste the code like a widget).

There are some games included in Quizlet, but I am not fond of the layout and my students found them to be cluttered and confusing.

The ' learn' and 'test' features are much more straightforward and easier for students to instantly understand and complete. I have used both of these features as a competitive game between two teams, and they were very successful as long as the internet connection remained steady. The students were bored of how the test always presented new vocabulary in the same way, so this interactive activity perked them up.

I didn´t like the 'export' feature - the layout was not attractive in my opinion- so I always use the 'print' options and save  the PDF file to my computer to show in class instead of print them out.There are a nice variety of print options available. You export the flashcards to your computer as a pdf file that you can print anytime you want.

Or, you can use other people´s flashcards.

Here is an example of a set of flashcards:  1000 basic English words, part 1:

Making drill practice fun!

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