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Summary of the Best Grammar Sites for Teaching ESL / EFL

This is the last post  (4/4) in my 'Best Grammar Sites' series.

In previous posts I reviewed grammar sites that work well for teaching English for beginning, intermediate and advanced students.

This post is a summary of the best all 21 grammar sites I  considered. It includes a 'Best of the Best' list,  a full list of all the sites I looked at, and charts that show the breakdown of the rankings I gave each site.

Here are my favorites, in order of my preference:

 1. UCL's The Internet Grammar 

This site has it all: a comprehensive list of grammar points, an organized layout with a lot of white space that`s easy to navigate, comprehensive explanations that are easy to understand, many examples, and interactive quizzes at the end to test comprehension and mastery of a grammar point.

2. The Grammarly Handbook

I love the attractive and clean layout. it`s so easy to navigate, there is a comprehensive list of grammar points, and clear explanations and numerous examples. I especially like the inclusion of a lot of topics (grammar, punctuation, mechanics and sentence clarity) that help people learn how to write English well. Too bad it doesn`t include interactive exercises below each grammar point.

3. Edu Find 

As a teacher I really like this resource: its clean layout,  clear explanations, inclusion of usage and exceptions to the rule, and large number of examples make this a simple site to use for quick reference and to turn around and use with students in lessons. Too bad it doesn't include interactive quizzes at the end of each point.

4.Englisch Hilfen Learning English Online 

This is such a comprehensive grammar site, and has so many exercises and quizzes to help people learn each point, that I keep coming back to it despite it's cluttered interface.

Honorable Mention:

Study and Exam - I love the straightforward simplicity of the layout and explanations, and how relevant all the topics are to an ESL or EFL student. It is obvious that the site was not written by a native English speaker since sometimes the phrasing is not very natural, but sometimes the site writer manages to sum up complex grammar points in an impressively simple way. Too bad there aren't any interactive exercises at the end of each explanation.

University of Victoria ELC Study Zone -
I really like the clean and simple layout and organization of grammar points according to the level of language learner, the only site I stumbled across that organized the grammar points in this way.

Special Mention

For true beginners just learning their first words in English and the basic structure of the language ( a pre-grammar site, in a way):

For teens, Grammar Bytes was a clear winner. Too bad it has such a hidden index of grammar points and is  a bit hard to navigate in terms of looking up specific grammar points.


Below are all the sites I reviewed in alphabetical order and my overall rankings for each. -

BBC Grammar-

Englisch Hilfen Learning English Online -

English Club-

English Grammar 4U -


ESL in Canada-

Grammar Girl-

Grammar Monster

Grammar Bytes-

Grammarly Handbook -

Guide to Grammar and Style by Jack Lynch - 

CCC Guide to Grammar -

Internet Grammar of English-

Many Things -

Study and Exam -

Talking English -

The Blue Book of Grammar -

UCL Internet Grammar

University of Victoria ELC Study Zone -


Here is a breakdown of my rankings for the sites I thought best suited to Advanced Learners:
Here is a breakdown of my rankings for the sites I thought were best suited to intermediate learners:

Here is a breakdown of my rankings for the sites I felt were best suited to beginning students:

Have I missed a great grammar site? Let me know!

I hope you find this series of posts useful.

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